Merit Badge University 2012

posted Apr 15, 2012, 10:04 PM by Troop814 Webmaster
Alamo Area Council Spring 2012
Merit Badge University
This year’s Merit Badge University (MBU) will be held Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  As in previous years the location for this event will be at Northwest Vista College.  The cost per Scout to attend MBU is $12.  This can be paid to the Troop’s Treasurer Mr. T. Orta prior to May 5th before attending MBU. 
Mr. E. Barrera will be the Troop’s contact person.  Any questions related to MBU can be referred to him via email at

With a variety of merit badges being offered any Scout has the opportunity to earn 1 or more depending on the Scout’s ability and desire.   There will also be Scout Leader training opportunities for adult Scouters (free of charge).

A list of merit badges and any associated pre-requisites can be viewed at the Merit Badge University website.  As in previous years any pre-requisite required for a merit badge must be completed by the Scout prior to MBU to obtain the merit badge.  If pre-requisites for a merit badge are not completed before MBU the Scout will receive an incomplete and will not be awarded the merit badge until the pre-requisites are completed.

To sign up for any merit badge the Scout must register online at the Merit Badge University website.  No schedule changes will be allowed after May 11th.  The Troop’s Librarian, Matthew V., has several merit badge pamphlets that have the requirements and information needed to complete a particular merit badge.  These pamphlets maybe be checked out by any Troop Scout. We might not have all the pamphlets for the ones being offered at MBU but I’m sure we have a few and its first come first server. Also at , merit badge worksheets that can be downloaded. These worksheets have the requirements plus space for organizing your notes and pre-requisites for the class. These worksheets however should not replace the need for the actual merit badge pamphlets which can be bought at the Alamo Area Council Scout shop or borrowed from our Librarian.