Troop 814 Elections

posted Jan 14, 2012, 9:59 PM by Troop814 Webmaster   [ updated Jan 14, 2012, 10:12 PM ]
As we began the new year, Troop 814 had elections for it's Youth Leadership positions on January 6, 2012. These positions are leadership roles held by Scouts and are elected to by their fellow Scouts. Some of which are needed to advance to the Star, Life, and Eagle Scout ranks. Leadership positions encourage boys to learn and practice leadership skills, which leads to a Scout led troop. You can find the descriptions of each leadership positions on our Youth Leadership page.
Here are the Scouts elected to hold the leadership positions. 
  • Senior Patrol Leader: Dominick S.
  • Asst. Senior Patrol Leader: Jonathan M.
  • Patrol Leader Buffalo: Andreas P.                                             w               
  • Asst. Patrol Leader Buffalo: Nicholas B.
  • Patrol Leader Eagles: Andy M.
  • Asst. Patrol Leader Eagles: Patrick S.
  • Patrol Leader Foxes: Jacob P.
  • Asst. Patrol Leader Foxes: James A.
  • Patrol Leader Roadrunners: Isaac S.
  • Asst. Patrol Leader Roadrunners: Josemaria G.
  • Quartermaster: John M.
  • Scribe: Josemaria G.
  • Historian: Stephen S.
  • Librarian: Matthew V.
  • Chaplain's Aide: BJ G.
  • Webmaster: Sean D.
  • Order of the Arrow representative: Ed C.