Freez-o-ree 2012 by SPL Domonick S.

posted Feb 15, 2012, 6:44 PM by Troop814 Webmaster   [ updated Feb 15, 2012, 7:02 PM ]
On January 20-22 was the annual Freez-o-ree. The theme for this year was shooting ("Make Your Mark"). The events of the day consisted of all kinds of weapons such as 22. Rifles, Compound and Recurve Bows, Shot Guns, and Paint Ball Guns. there were other activities to do to like the very popular GaGa Ball, Monkey Fist Toss, Litter Carry or Stretcher time trial, Rope Rescue Mission, Guess the number of M&M's, and the troop favorite the Cooking Contest! Every troop was paired with 1 or 2  other troops.
We were paired with Troop 55. Troop 55 had been in existence for only 1 month! If i do say so myself we showed go
od scout sprite and sowed Troop 55 how a good troop runs! I am very proud to say that Troop 814 volunteered to post and retire the colors over the camp! The color guard was our Historian Stephen S., the Liberian Matthew V
., and the Eagle Patrol Leader Andy M. They did an awesome job! We also volunteered some dads to help man theRope Rescue Mission station.
Thanks you for all your help with that! In the activities that we participated in, we performed very well especially in rifle. The Eagle Patrol formed a group of three scouts to compete in the Rope Rescue Mission. We crushed the old time record and set a new one of 23.5 seconds! Matthew V., Stephen S. and I made up this team. If I do say so myself we are awesome! At the end of the day the camp had one big GaGa championship tournament. Andy M. represented us but didn't win. He was the 3rd one to get out out of 7 scouts. Troop 814 won 1st in the Rope Rescue Mission, the Cooking Competition, Rifle. We won 3rd in total participation and were the first troop ever in all of Boy Scout history to shoot paint ball! All in all this was a great Freez-a-ree!
Your SPL Dominick S.