Bandera Hill Country Natural Area Campout

posted Oct 18, 2011, 8:04 PM by Troop814 Webmaster   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 8:10 PM ]
Mark another successful campout for Troop 814 this month.  The two night campout provided the Scouts with new opportunities and challenges. These include a backpacking campout, hiking at night, gazing at a sky full of stars that cannot be compared to what is seen in the city, and a grueling 10 mile hike. 

 After arriving at the park after 7pm some of the new Scouts got their first opportunity to do a night hike.  After leaving the trailhead with backpacks on their backs all the Scouts and Scout Dads hiked about 2 miles into the park to our campsite.  Arriving in total darkness with headlamps and flashlights as the only source of light, tents were setup by the Scouts for the night. 


In the morning after cooking breakfast, another first for some Scouts, the Scouts prepared for a 10 mile
hike in the park.  Led by Dominick S., Senior Patrol Leader, the Scouts and Scout Dads took off on what turn out to be a very challenging hike.  But like all good Scouts they only looked at this as a challenge for them to complete.  After a long day of hiking up and down the surrounding hills in the park it was finally over. How many kids can say that they hiked for 10 miles in one day, well our Scouts can.


Even after the tough hike I was amazed to see how much energy all the Scouts had left in them.  They prepared and ate their dinner, ran around the campsite playing, and finally got together for a recap of the day’s events again led by Dominick S.  But like any other night it was time to go to bed so we could wakeup early for our hike back to the vehicles and the trip back home.


A special thanks to all the Scout Dads who participated in the campout.  Without their help and support our Scouts would not have been able to do this.  Be sure to check our website Photo page for more pictures from the camping trip.