Garner State Campout

posted Apr 30, 2013, 10:52 AM by Delfino Velasco   [ updated Apr 30, 2013, 10:53 AM ]

April 14, 2013

This weekend our Troop had the opportunity to campout at a different camp ground, Garner State Park. Garner State Park has been in existence for many years and even has a traditional song written and often played in the evening at the Dance Hall. Our campsite was close to the Frio River and many took advantage of swinging on the rope and playing in cold water. Many also participated in an enjoyable hike, which allowed for the opportunity to enjoy even more of Garner State Park. There was a point where all the boys were participating in an exciting game of tag football game. But the highlight of the evening was hearing about how many of them enjoyed the time at the Dance Hall, my understanding is that many had the opportunity to ask girls to a dance, must have been the AXE.

Overall, we had a really good fun-filled time at Garner State Park, and we are looking forward to returning to the campsite for future campouts.

Activities we participated in:

* Camped + cooked out

* Hiked

*Swam + swung on rope and into the water

* Played football

* Danced

* Hung around the campfire

***Had a great time!!!

Next Campout is Saturday May 4, 2013 at Llano State Park – Canoe and other activities are planned and should be another exciting campout.

Report by Jose Cavazos, Eagle Patrol Adult Leader